6 Useful Lessons in ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ to Outsmart Narcissists


Learn how to Outsmart a Narcissist with the book ‘The 48 Laws of Power’

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“The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene is a compelling book that has garnered attention for its in-depth exploration of power dynamics in various aspects of life. While the book is not specifically about dealing with narcissists, its principles can be insightful for understanding and handling people with narcissistic traits. In this blog post, we’ll explore how some of these laws can be applied to outmaneuver a narcissist.

I wanted to share the review of this book with my audience because it is particularly important for women to know they can take their power back if they are in a situation where they feel controlled by a narcissist.

Consider Your Pathway Out

Escaping from abusive situations is crucial for both physical safety and mental well-being. Abuse, whether it’s emotional, physical, or psychological, has profound effects on an individual’s health and quality of life. It can lead to a range of psychological issues including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Staying in an abusive environment or with an abusive partner often leads to lower self-esteem and can create a cycle of abuse where the victim feels powerless and trapped.

The importance of getting out of such situations cannot be overstated. It’s a step towards reclaiming autonomy, safety, and well-being. Leaving an abusive situation opens the path to healing and recovery. Leaving for good allows individuals to rebuild their sense of self-worth and regain control over their lives. It also sets a precedent for healthy boundaries and relationships in the future. Escaping abuse is not just about one person; it sends a powerful message to society about the unacceptability of abusive behavior.

The more people leave and speak out,  the more chance we have for broader cultural change. The journey of leaving and recovering from abuse is challenging but it’s a crucial step towards a safer, healthier, and more empowered life.

Now onto the book review.

This book breaks down different “laws of power” from these we can understand how to shift power dynamics and use this to our benefit.

The 48 Laws of Power Revels This:  Never Outshine the Master

Narcissists crave attention and validation. By following this law, you avoid directly challenging their ego. In interactions, it’s wise to acknowledge their need for recognition without engaging in direct competition, which can be provocative and counterproductive.


Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions

Dealing with a narcissist often means being cautious about revealing your thoughts and plans. Narcissists might use this information against you. By keeping your intentions hidden, you maintain an element of unpredictability, which can be crucial in managing interactions with them.

If you suspect someone of abuse, especially financial abuse it is especially important to keep your plans from them if you are trying to leave. Planning in silence until you are 100 percent ready to leave is often the best strategy here. If you get ahead of them it can be much easier to get out of the situation than if you share all of your thoughts and feelings with them. Besides, they don’t deserve it anyway.

One thing I really love about ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ is that it teaches you to think smart and gives you permission to use some power shifts to help you win against someone who is naturally inclined to find ways to hurt you.

Law 6: Court Attention at All Costs

While this law might seem to play into the narcissist’s hands, it’s more about understanding the dynamics of attention. By being aware of what draws a narcissist’s attention, you can better control the narrative and steer interactions in a direction that minimizes harm to yourself.

I find this one to be the trickiest to understand and implement, but it is also really important. You want to learn how to “work them” to your advantage instead of against it. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. It might be helpful to keep a journal of what you are going through. Not only can this help you better understand how they react in certain situations, but it can also be used in court in the future, if you ever need to have a record of what occurred.

Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally

This might sound extreme, but in the context of a narcissist, it means leaving no room for ambiguity in your boundaries and responses. It’s important to be clear and firm in your dealings, leaving no space for manipulation.

Law 33: Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew

Everyone has vulnerabilities, including narcissists. Understanding what makes them tick can give you an advantage. This isn’t about exploitation but about knowing how to prevent them from exploiting you.

Law 36: Disdain Things You Cannot Have

Narcissists often provoke by flaunting what they have or can do. By showing indifference to these displays, you reduce their power to affect you. They may brag that they can go to work and chat with other coworkers and rub this flirtatious freedom in your face.

The best thing that you can do is not to react, and instead focus on showing them how happy you are inside of your home, how fulfilled you are. Then you remove their power over you, even if you secretly want to go to work, it’s better to make your own plans to begin work outside of the home- if that is what you wish to do, then react to their bragging.

Law 40: Despise the Free Lunch

Be wary of favors or gifts from a narcissist, as these are often used as leverage. Maintaining independence and not owing them anything can keep you from being manipulated.

Applying the 48 Laws of Power with Caution

It’s important to note that these laws are not about manipulation or harm but about self-protection and understanding power dynamics. Dealing with a narcissist can be challenging, and while these strategies from “The 48 Laws of Power” can provide some guidance, they should be applied with caution and ethical consideration.

Final Thoughts

“The 48 Laws of Power” offers a framework for understanding complex human behaviors, including those of narcissists. By applying these laws judiciously, you can learn to navigate difficult relationships with more confidence and less vulnerability. However, it’s always recommended to approach such situations with empathy and seek professional advice when necessary.

If you or someone you know is experiencing narcissistic abuse, please call an abuse hotline

  • 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Want to learn more about safety tips? Here’s some items you might want to consider putting in a bug out bag in addition to other clothes, necessities and cash.



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