Prepper Queen Guide for Emergency Preparedness

Prepper Queen Guide for Emergency Preparedness

Prepper Queen Tips for Getting Ready and Prepared

Getting your family prepared is something that is near and dear to my heart. That’s the reason I created the Prepper Queen Youtube Channel and the Prepper Queen website, so that I can help other families get more prepared for tough times ahead. In 2023, the price of consumer goods in America rose by 3.4%, which has hit many home across the country pretty hard. After the covid worldwide pandemic we have seen a number of other emergencies in the past two years alone.

I hope the Prepper Queen channel will be a resource that families can use to help learn more about getting prepared and staying safe in times of hardship. But don’t stop there: Once you learn how to prepare for an emergency situation, practice makes perfect. That’s why The Prepper Queen Youtube channel was created I want to help you to learn more about emergency preparedness so you can survive anything life throws your way.

Prepper Queen Tip 1: Build your emergency supplies slowly.

One of the most common mistakes you can make as a prepper is to buy everything at once. This will not only be expensive and time-consuming, but it can also lead to unnecessary clutter and waste. Instead, try building up your supplies slowly over time.

Make sure that each item you purchase is something that’s actually needed in an emergency situation and not just something that looks cool or interesting. If it isn’t going to help keep you safe during an emergency situation, then there’s no reason for buying it.  You will hear a lot people say to value skills over gear and it is actually true.

If you want to see how I find prepper items at the dollar tree you can find that in this post, here.

You should also avoid buying any type of food or water filter systems until doing the proper research on how long each type lasts before expiring (and how much they cost). Also keep in mind that some items may require special storage methods due to their specific needs–for example: batteries must be kept cool during hot summer months because heat damages them quickly; canned goods might need space heaters if the temperature drops below freezing outside so they don’t freeze solid inside their containers, there’s more tips and tricks you’ll learn if you follow along with me.

I highly recommend that you subscribe to Prepper Queen Youtube Channel and other prepper channels as our community shares some incredibly valuable tips and tricks you can learn about survival and homesteading.

Prepper Queen Tip 2 Store your emergency supplies in a safe place and in the propper containers.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for an emergency is to store your supplies in a safe place and in the correct containers using the proper methods of preservation and food storage. This will protect them from heat, water damage and other disasters that might happen during an emergency situation.

If you have children who are old enough to understand what’s going on around them, it’s also important that they know where these items are stored so they can get them when needed. It may sound like overkill but imagine how much worse it would be if your child couldn’t find emergency supplies like a flash light because they were burried under clutter and you didn’t tell them where they were.

Food storage containers come in many different sizes depending on how much space you want them to take up in your home; however, any size will work as long as it fits within whatever space restrictions may apply where you live (i.e., apartment building). Portable options such as bags and large tents or RVS can make great options if you want to be able to move quickly and “bug out”.

Prepper Queen Tip 3 Prepare Your Water Storage and Know how to Use it Properly in the Event of an Emergency

This is a great time to review your emergency preparedness plan and make sure you have a water storage and enough put away for your entire families needs for at least a week or two. Once you have secured this much water for your family you can move on to preparing longer term water options or even finding more sustainable long term options.

Your first priority during an emergency is always going to be making sure your family has access to clean drinking water. In an extended power outage or flood situation, having enough water stored will help keep everyone healthy until things get back up and running again. The water container that I recommend is Rain Barrels and Aquatainer Water Storage Containers, both can be found on Amazon. The best way for me personally is storing it in buckets because they’re easy to move around and fill up with tap water quickly when needed (I have several under my kitchen sink).

This doesn’t mean I don’t also have some plastic jugs lying around though – these are useful for filling up at local stores when they’re open or just carrying around in case there isn’t any available near where we are traveling when we leave home for longer periods of time like camping trips or roadtrips across country where stores might not be close by yet again so carrying extra containers makes sense too!

Prepper Queen Tip 5 Have a backup plan for your power supply.

  • Have a backup plan for your power supply. One good option is a large generator. You can even find these on Amazon, The one that we have for our food truck would actually be capable of powering our entire house in the event of an emergency.
  • Make sure you have a backup plan for your backup plan. If you have a generator it might be wise to invest in solar panels and other methods for powering your home or car.
  • And then make sure that you have a backup plan for that too!

Prepper Queen Tip 6 Create an emergency plan and share it with the people who are most important to you.

Creating an emergency plan is the first step to being prepared for any situation. It’s important to have a plan for everyone in your family, including pets and neighbors, as well as friends who may need help.

Once you’ve created your plan, make sure that everyone knows where it is and can access it if necessary. You should also share this information with anyone who might be affected by or need assistance during an emergency situation (e.g., elderly parents).


I created a free emergency checklist that you can go over with your family to help everyone prepare for an emergency. 

Prepper Queen Tip 7 Know how to use the tools and equipment provided in your emergency kit and around your home.

Get to know your emergency kit.

It’s important to know how to use the tools in your emergency kit and how they work, so you can be prepared if an emergency happens. Take some time to practice using them before an actual emergency strikes. If a tool comes with instructions on how it should be used, read them carefully before attempting anything on your own.

Some Final Thoughts on Safety and Preparedness

Stay alert when driving and avoid distractions like music or texting while you’re behind the wheel.

Avoid distractions like music or texting while you’re behind the wheel. Use seat belts and don’t drink and drive. Don’t speed, drive tired or ill and don’t get angry or upset behind the wheel. Also make sure to carry an emergency blanket – watch more about that here.

Preparing for emergencies isn’t just about reading about what to do- you need to practice what you’ve learned!

It’s not enough to simply read about what to do in an emergency. You need to practice. Practice makes perfect, and if you want your family and yourself prepared for anything, then they must be able to use their emergency kits properly. That means having a go-bag with everything they need in it–and knowing how each item works.

They also need practice using their tools: flashlights, radios (like the ones we’ve recommended), knives or axes… whatever gear they have on hand should be used regularly so that everyone knows how it works and feels comfortable using it when necessary!

Even if there isn’t an actual disaster happening at this very moment, getting into the habit of practicing these things now will make sure when one does happen later on down the road everyone will know exactly where everything went wrong.


I hope this guide has been helpful, but it’s important to remember that no matter how prepared you are, there will always be something unexpected that comes along. You can’t predict when an emergency will happen or what form it will take. So don’t get too stressed out about being prepared for every possible scenario–just do what works best for your lifestyle!


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