Review of Augason Farm Creamy Potato Soup Emergency Prepping Food


During a recent weekend getaway to Beryl, Utah, Ben and I were able to Cook and Taste the  Augason Farm Creamy Potato Soup for Emergency Food Storage and Emergency Prepping, here is our review.

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Augason Farms Creamy Potato Soup

Augason Farms is a brand of emergency food which is intended for those who are interested in saving food storage for emergency situations. Because of this most of us don’t often try the food or have an opportunity to really see how the products taste.

We wanted to try the Augason Farms Creamy Potato soup and see how it really would turn out if it was going to be used for eating in an emergency or when living off grid. We were surprised by the brand because the soup was actually quite delightful.

The Creamy Potato Soup is basically made of freeze dried potatoes, milk and a few other ingredients. It has a good flavor and was not hard to cook over a small fire. Here are some of the ingredients from the official ingredients list:  Potatoes, creamer (palm oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate [a milk derivative], dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, sodium hexametaphosphate, and silicon dioxide. 

It might be a few more ingredients than we would like to see on a list but it is intended to last for a very long time and keep the quality of the food intact.

How We Cooked the Augason Farms Creamy Potato Soup

We stayed in an off grid school bus in Beryl Utah. It was a really unique experience and so we really didn’t have very many of our usual ingredients or even a regular stove! This made it much more like what you’d experience in an actual emergency situation. Check out my list of foods to stock up on especially before there are any supply chain issues

The school bus was powered by a generator and we only had a camp chef stove to use to cook with. We did have some cast iron posts, a few helpful things like a big jug of clean cooking water, some oil and we brought a few seasonings like salt, pepper and a few extra potatoes to add some substance to the soup.

In my opinion, you really would not need to add the potatoes, but I enjoy the larger bits in my soup compared to just a cream only type soup and that is why I added the potatoes.

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Augason Farm Creamy Potato Soup Cooking Notes

So there are a few things that we wanted to let you know about that we noticed when we cooked the Augason farm creamy potato soup, first is that we needed a lot more water than I initially expected when I began cooking the soup.

The need for additional water comes from the fact that you are basically having to rehydrate all of these ingredients and when you are doing that the soup will take much more water to cook. I was actually pretty surprised about this when I was cooking it.

I recommend for preppers who are heavily relying on their Augason Farm stockpile to invest more heavily in water storage! Especially for cooking and cleaning.

Cleaning of the pot also required more water because the soup was extra sticky.

This Soup Will Fill Your Stomach!

Another thing that I noticed about the Augason Farm Creamy Potato soup is that it was really quite filling, which is a really good thing. Especially if you have a lot of mouths to feed and need extra sustenance for your families, this is a great soup to have to bulk up your meals and even to use if you are rationing food.

Check out this video about how to start rationing your food with your family. 

I don’t really think that you need the potato added to the soup, and in fact when I did add the potato it made the soup take much longer to cook than it would have if we didn’t add potatoes, and I had followed the directions exactly as they were written on the package.

One thing that I really like about this soup for emergency situations is that you can use this to add along with other meat, maybe venison or steak, and you’ll have a pretty bulky meal.

We cooked our alongside steak and Cactus and it was a REALLY great campfire meal.


How’d We Cook It?

Yes we were in an off grid school bus, but that didn’t stop us from preparing amazing food! We used the Camp Chef Mountaineer Camping Stove and propane. This entire school bus was actually powered by solar panels and a small solar generator that fit RIGHT NEXT to our stove! It was able to power the bus and even light our cooking area.

I was so impressed with how we were able to cook such an amazing meal with literally no access to the normal things that we often take for granted, but in our case we didn’t even miss them. Here in the bus we did not even have running water, indoor plumbing or electricity. NOTHING now that was truly a set up that you can replicate if you are interested in creating a secondary bug out location.

One thing to note, is that the Augason Farm Creamy Potato Soup and other cans are actaully much larger than a regular can of soup, and they do have enough to feed 25 people in one can, so you will definitely need a larger area for storing your preps and cans from Augason Farm.

A basement or Attic space might be best for storing these but make sure that you keep it protected from extremes of cold or hot temperatures.



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